Pastor, Son, Parishioners Art Show

Founding pastor of Atonement Lutheran Church in Barrington, Illinois, Arthur Knudsen, provides an opportunity to show off his son's artowork. 


Luther Alumnus

Knudsen is honored at Luther College for a purchase prize for his painting.

Artist Knudsen Paints Prodigiously

Article from his days at Luther College commenting on his passion for perfection and future at The University of Iowa.


Children's Library, Norwalk Public Library

In 1964 during his time out east he worked in the West Elementary School, New Canaan he had an opportunity to provide children some insights into his art at the Norwalk Public Library.

Arkansas State One Man Show

An announcement for the Arkansas State, Print and Drawing Show of Knudsen's work from 1964.


Prints 1966 / National Print Exhibition / The State University College at Potsdam, New York

The entry accepted from Knudsen's work was entitled "King Bird" which was a fairly large engraving in which he used 2 separate copper plates to produce. The juror was Karl Kup of The State University College at Potsdam.


Chicago and Vicinity Show 1968

1968 Seventy-First - Annual Exhibition by Artists of Chicago and Vicinity

This show was held at The Art Institute of Chicago from March 30th through May 12. Prints, Drawing and Water Colors were featured. Entry #47 is a Self-Portrait Engraving of John A. Knudsen and was also reproduced in the catalog. Juror selected by Harold Joachim, Curator of Prints and Drawings, The Art Institute of Chicago


Chicago and Vicinity Show 1969

72nd Annual Exhibition by Artists of Chicago & Vicinity

This is the second entry accepted by The Art Institute of Chicago. This time it was a large oil painting, entry #42, entitled "Cityscape" and it was also awarded the Municipal Art League Prize. Jurors were George Segal, Sculptor, Samuel J. Wagstaff, Curator of Contemporary Art The Detroit Institute of Fine Arts and A. James Speyer, Curator of Twentieth Century Art, The Art Institute of Chicago. An interesting note by the Director, C. C. Cunningham that states museum in this show incorporates all media in one venue in order to give artists broader exposure who are awarded top prizes.

Chicago and Vicinity Show 1971

The Art Institute of Chicago - Seventy-third Exhibition by Artists of Chicago and Vicinity - March 13 through April 18, 1971.

Again in this show a large oil painting entitled "Chicago" was accepted. It was painted during the years 1969 and 1970 and is entry #39. A comment by the C. C. Cunningham states, "This exhibition has the fine tradition of bringing to the attention of the Midwest public the work of artists in the Chicago area." Jurors for the exhibit include Sam Gilliam, Artist, Washington, D.C., Alicia Legg, Associate Curator of Painting and Sculpture, The Museum of Modern Art, New York City, and A. James Speyer, Curator of Twentieth Century Art, The Art Institute of Chicago.


Chicago and Vicinity Show 1973

The Art Institute of Chicago - Seventy-fourth Exhibition by Artists of Chicago and Vicinity - March 30 through May 6, 1973

This is the final show Knudsen enters having been accepted four years in a row. Entry #63 was entitled "Nodding Monument" and was painted in 1972. Again a large oil painting, 50 x 60 inches. A. James Spencer, Curator, Twentieth Century Painting and Sculpture comments, "It is actually the 74th occasion for this event which was originated within the area of 100 miles around the city of Chicago. This is not only one of the oldest but certainly among the most respected regional exhibitions in the country. It shows a lively and distinguished body of work from this active center of art in the Middle West, and though invariably reflecting a strong local character, it also includes a wide variety of styles which relate to the national scene." Jurors for the show included, Philip Pearlstein, Artist and Professor of Art at Brooklyn College, N.Y., Athena T. Spear, Curator of Modern Art and professor at Oberlin College, James N. Wood, Associate Director, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo , N.Y., and A. James Speyer, Curator of Twentieth Century Painting and Sculpture, The Art Institute of Chicago.

Barrington Area Library Art Exhibit and Lecture

Etching and the printmaking process are explained at the library with a one man show of his work. 


Mideast Meets Midwest

In 1994, John Knudsen was the President of The Chicago Rug Society and was integral in organizing "Mideast Meets Midwest". This event provided an opportunity for the members and public to view spectacular oriental rugs.

John Knudsen Memorial Scholarship 2014

In honor of Knudsen's long service to the college The John Knudsen Memorial Scholarship was created. This scholarship will be awarded to those students who have a desire to pursue coursework in the Fine Arts Department at Harper College. A portion of the proceeds of artwork sold will be donated towards this scholarship.


Harbor Country Chamber of Commerce Guide 2015-2016

The John A. Knudsen Workshop/Gallery in Union Pier, Michigan was open to the public for many years and he also participated in many art related events in the area such as "Art Attack". His woodcut "Sunflowers" is featured on the cover in recognition of his support for the art community and talent.

John A. Knudsen: Retrospective September 2015

Paintings, etchings, engravings and woodcuts were featured during this retrospective of his life's work which spanned over five decades. He was Harper College's first full-time professor hired when the College was established. Also he was instrumental in developing the College's fine art department, the National Juried Exhibition and The Foundation art collection. More than this he had a profound impact on students during his successful teaching career and maintained a prolific artistic practice.


Garrett University Show Coming September 2016

Garrett University Show

This could be the largest exhibit of Knudsen's work as 2 to 3 floors of space will be dedicated towards showing his paintings and prints. As part of his commonly known work there will also be work inspired by religious icons and themes. His father Arthur Knudsen was a Lutheran pastor was an influence which can be seen in a number of his pieces as well his social commentary on the state of humanity.